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Black Diamond and Nitro Tubes

 Sky Shark™ Black Diamond and Nitro Competitin Air Frames


From Sky Shark:

Sky Shark™ Competition Air Frames are world renowned as the very best competition tubes. It is no wonder, the best flyers in the world use Sky Shark™ Air Frames. The facts speak for themselves, there is no equal to the weight to stiffness of Sky Shark™. The consistent quality of the fibers and tubes offer un-matched reliability and performance. Sky Shark™ is commited to bringing the the very best to kite flyers of all abilities. Whatever level of kite you fly or manufacture, use the very best products, Sky Shark Kite™ Products.

We were getting a demand for tubes that had a better look and would help prevent bridle wear from friction on lower spreaders. So we brought back a sanded smooth finish tube that was similar to our original Black Diamond THP series tubes that were different colors. We decided to do the same finish with no colors. They have a very hard clear-coat paint that makes them very smooth. The tubes are the same tubes as our standard 3PT's, 5PT's and 7PT's. The only difference is we take grains, not grams of material off the tube very precisely. The amount of material in weight that is taken off is replaced by the weight of the paint.

Tube Specifications:
Tube Inches CM Grams LG. End O.D. LG. End I.D. Wall SM. End O.D. SM. End I.D. Wall
3PT 32.5 82.6 12.0 .290 .244 .023 .220 .174 .023
5PT 32.5 82.6 15.0 .312 .244 .034 .234 .180 .027
7PT 32.5 82.6 20.0 .320 .244 .038 .245 .180 .032
Nitro standard 32.5 82.6 15.0 .328 .285 .022 .252 .205 .024
Nitro strong 32.5 82.6 17.5 .335 .285 .025 .255 .212 .022



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